About Us

The Hoobs and Bells story is a familiar tale told by busy parents everywhere. Cecilia Jordan - proud Mum to Henry, Benjamin and Elsie felt the never-ending pull between working and parenting. She dreamed of a career -  built from home, which provided flexibility and family-friendly conditions. After some soul searching, market research and a day spent with Vegemite crusts in her hair the inspiration fairy (in the form on a very close 'aquintance') struck! Cecilia - a trained Graphic Artist, Early Childhood Educator and lover of the odd shopping spree knew in that lightbulb moment she was destined to design high quality and long lasting children’s clothing!

In order to turn the dream into reality Cecilia enlisted the help of her right hand man 8 year old son, Henry who  put pencil to paper to create designs for his Mum to bring to life. Wash and wear features and quality fabrics were high on the Hoobs and Bells wish list - Cecilia spent hours researching, testing and visiting local and overseas suppliers to obtain just the right materials. She wanted a range that children grew into rather than out of - roomy, comfortable and play friendly. From all these considerations a passion was born and the family kitchen table transformed into Hoobs and Bells business engine.

Next came  the concept - it had to be a practical, efficient  online shopping experience with a product that delivered on its promise. The notion of a children's clothes club whereby busy Mums, Dads, Grandparents ensured that every 6 months their child would receive the Hoobs and Bells’ range for that season was developed.

Lastly the name - we know you want to know. As a family owned business, dedicated to children’s clothes  the Brand needed to say something about Cecilia’s nearest and dearest so she chose Henry's and Elsie’s nicknames - Hoobs and Bells. What about Benjamin I hear you ask? See the cute little bunny symbol between Hoobs and Bells?  Well thats how Cecilia writes the 'B' in Benjamin. Hoobs and Bells believes that family is the centrepiece of all enterprise and we are thrilled to invite you to join our special club.